Best Thermal Scopes for Coyote Hunting

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Top 4 Thermal Scopes for Coyote Hunting

1).  Trijicon IR Hunter 60 mm Thermal Riflescope “SKU Hunter-60-2”

The Trijicon IR Hunter is by far the number 1 thermal scope on the market for 2021.  It has a 3x base magnification and 24x combined magnification.  The 12 micron 640x480 Thermal Sensor is the best technology of any Thermal scope on the market to date for its price. Upgrades to this scope for 2021 include; Intuitive Turret Controls for easy manipulation of menu options, expanded functionality such as new USB-C connecting ports for external batteries and download of analog and digital video that is compatible with most DVRs, Improved Reticle Options to include classic crosshair, and new MRAD, and MOA.  Made in the USA.  The 60 mm lens leaves a very wide field of view will minimize your time getting on target and putting the coyote in the crosshairs. This scope is military grade and high impact resistance to most if not all rifle calibers.  The Q-LOC allows mounting to a picatinny rail system for fast and superior accuracy.


2).  Pulsar Trail 2  LRF XP 50 “SKU # 76559”

The Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XP 50 is at #2 in our line up for best thermal scopes for coyote hunting in 2021.  This scope has amazing reviews, and features due to its clarity and built in video recording capabilities, and built in Wi-Fi modules with a 16 Gb internal memory.  This model is 640x480 resolution.  It has a highly sensitive <40 mk NETD thermal sensor that produce a high definition 17µm pixel pitch.  The built in Lazer Rangefinder makes this unit superior to range those coyotes that are hung up and you need a distance to make an accurate shot.  The body is built from shockproof magnesium alloy.  Its thermal detection range is rated up to 1800 meters with a 8x zoom.   This scope holds very true accuracy and can withstand shock rated from 12ga to .375 H&H Rifle.  Pulsars most favorite feature is its picture in picture for precision shot placement.  The battery life of the Pulsar Trail 2 is amazing. It comes with a IPX 7 Battery; however you can upgrade to the IPX 14 battery for double the duration and a longer night of coyote hunting.  The Trail 2 has a full-color HD AMOLED display and a start up time less than 3 seconds.


3).  Pulsar Thermion 2 XP 50 “SKU # 76544”

The Pulsar Thermion 2 XP 50 is definitely my favorite by far, mainly because it will fit any style, rifle or shotgun for coyote hunting.  The scope body is a 30 mm tube design that looks like any standard hunting scope.  The downside from The Trail 2 XP 50 vs. Thermion 2 XP 50 is the battery and battery life.  The Pulsar Thermion 2 XP 50 comes with, APS 2 Batteries, and can be upgraded to the APS 3 Battery.  It does not have quite the batter of the IPX 7 as the Pulsar Trail 2.   The battery life will not kill your coyote night hunt, because this scope has a display mode feature that allows you to have the scope turned on and ready, but the screen is in a display mode not burning battery life.  The clarity of this scope is amazing as it has the <25 mk 640x480 thermal sensor. Very similar to the Pulsar Trail 2 XP 50 except it takes a APS 2/ APS 3 battery vs. a IPX 7/IPX 14 battery.  This scope does not come with a laser range finder, but mounts on versatile rifles, or shotguns because of its standard 30 mm tube.

4).   AGM Rattler TS50-640

The AGM Rattler TS50-640 is #4 in our line up as a compact thermal rifle scope.  It has a 50 mm objective lens.  The resolution is 640x512, and has a 12 µm, 35 mk NETD high sensitivity detector.  2.5x-8x magnification. Comes with standard color palettes Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, and Fusion.  This scope has a 16 GB built in EMMC.  It requires (2) CR 123 batteries or (2) RCR 123 batteries.  It has a very nice feature called Jungle, Recognition that makes the target stand out a little better.   The AGM Rattler has video recording and snapshot capabilities that can be transferred using WI-FI data transmission.  Total hours of run time is 4.5 hours continuous mainly because of the dual CR 123 batteries.  The clarity is great,  run time is limited.  It is a very good Thermal for coyote hunting.

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