Leica 8x20 Trinovid BCA



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LEICA TRINOVID BCA 20 mm - the powerful little ones... The advantages are obvious, at just 8.11 ozs (235 g) the small 20 mm is comfortable to use and yet affords the advantages of 8 x magnification. LEICA TRINOVID 8 x 20 BCA A versatile binocular with a field of view of 360 ft (110 m) and a close focus of 9.84ft (3 m.) Features a steady image due to the 8 x magnification. When folded, it is just 3.5" x 2.36" (9 x 6 cm) small. The light way to get a close-up on the world, the LEICA TRINOVID 8 x 20 BCA. Thanks to its double hinge it becomes very small and easily fits into almost any pocket. It can then be quickly used when something interesting presents itself.