BulletSafe Tactical Bulletproof Vest Level III A



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BulletSafe’s Tactical Bulletproof Vest provides great protection in a lightweight and comfortable package. This vest is designed to protect you vital organs and has been rated at level IIIA, the highest level of soft body armor. This level has been rated to stop the majority of handgun cartridges up to a .44 magnum, but has been noted to stop a .50 caliber slug from a Desert Eagle. It can also provide against attacks from knives, razorblades and even icepicks. Should more protection be required, additional ballistics plates can be inserted into the front and rear of the vest and protect against rifle rounds. In addition the BulletSafe Bulletproof vest features a coolmax rear lining for comfortable everyday wear, and has a MOLLE system to attach your essentials.

Features of the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest:

  • Level IIIA protection – will stop most handgun cartridges up to .44 magnum
  • Protects against attacks from knives, razors and even icepicks
  • Ballistics plates available – stops rifle rounds
  • MOLLE system