FEISOL Elite Tripod CT-3472 M2 Rapid

FEISOL Elite Tripod CT-3472 M2 Rapid



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Our newest and lightest heavy-duty four leg-section tripod

Our brand new second generation CT-3472 M2 is based on the outstanding Mark 1 FEISOL CT-3472 Rapid, the lightest large size FEISOL tripod ever produced, and incorporates all its superb features.

Newly added Mark 2 Features include
- Integrated Bubble Level.
- Re-designed angle-locking system.

The FEISOL CT-3472 M2 Rapid large capacity tripod is a miracle in innovation, designed for heavy-duty projects while maintaining an incredibly lightweight frame. Weighing in at just 1.78 kg (3.92 lb), the CT-3472 M2 Rapid is capable of handling loads of 30 kg (66 lb).

The CT-3472 M2 Rapid inherits all the superior specifications of our tournament grade tripods. Its high grade CNC precision-milled 6061 T6 aluminum solid block construction offers a remarkably lightweight yet highly durable design intended for large capacity loads.

Features of the CT-3472 M2 Rapid include
- Constructed of top quality carbon fiber and high grade, CNC-milled 6061 T6 solid block aluminum.
- FEISOL's new Rapid anti-leg-rotation technology.
- A load capacity of 30 kg (66 pounds).
- Remarkably lightweight construction just 1.78 kg (3.92 lb).
- Maximum height of 147 cm (57.87 in) more with optional center column.
- Base diameter of 90 mm (3.5 in).
- Our CNC-milled low angle ball head mount is multi-layered to withstand the most punishing conditions.
- Minimum height of just 8.50 cm (3.35 in).
- An attractive tripod bag is included.

Optional Center Column Upgrade Kit
Our optional center column upgrade kit is of lightweight carbon fiber construction, adding little more than one pound of additional weight.

The new attachment design is exceptionally strong, securing to the tripod body with three stainless steel screws. The center column remains completely immobile even at its maximum height, for total security and precision during operation.

The CT-3472 M2 Rapid tripod is a dream come true for the professional or serious enthusiast who seeks heavy-duty capacity in an incredibly lightweight yet highly durable construction.