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Firefield RapidStrike 1-6x24 SFP Sight

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With the Firefield RapidStrike 1-6x24mm sight kit, you get speed, accuracy and distance—something you just can’t get out of a red dot sight. The 1-6x magnification provides fast and accurate point and shoot capabilities without target or reticle distortion, 2-6x is perfect magnification for medium-ranges or for competition. We’ve kept the illuminated green or red second focal plane Circle Dot reticle simple, so field of view isn’t comprised. 

There is no need to worry about waiting for the right mount because the RapidStrike sight kit comes with everything you need to head right to the range. Included is a cantilever mount to provide the correct cheekweld, throw lever for rapid magnification changes, a honeycomb filter to reduce glare and pop-up, resettable locking turrets that return to zero. Multi-coated, anti-reflective glass, along with its IP67 waterproof rating, keeps images crisp and clear in bright daylight, as well as low-light.