Inforce Gen 2 WMLX White 2 HR

Inforce Gen 2 WMLX White 2 HR



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Our WMLx White - Gen 2 sets the standard for balancing output, reliability, and value in a compact white-light capability. Extensively proven amidst prolonged rapid, rough handling, and harsh conditions, it is a match for adversity in any clime or place. Shatter the darkness even out to your mid-range targets with 800 lumens of concentrated white light, synced to your press of a button. Fuel up to 2 hours of continuous output with a single course of two lithium batteries. Press, click, and double click between momentary, constant, and strobe functions. Flip a switch and simplify to momentary-only, or twist and secure into lockout mode. And quickly mount WMLx to your, or remove it, without the need for tools.