Inforce WML White/IR in FDE

Inforce WML White/IR in FDE



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For great value and appreciable power in an ultra-compact white-light-plus-IR capability for your , our WML White/IR - Gen2 is an optimal choice. Extensively proven amidst prolonged rapid, rough handling, and harsh conditions, you can count on this light to perform when you need it to. Select your desired output and press a button to douse close- and mid-range targets with 400-lumens of vibrant white light or 100 mW of infrared radiation. Draw up to 1.5 hours of continuous white light or 4 hours of infrared from a single lithium battery. Press, click, and double click between momentary, constant, and strobe functions. Twist and secure into lockout mode to prevent unwanted activation. And quickly mount WML to your, or remove it, without the need for tools.