Leica PRS 5-30x56i, PRB

Leica PRS 5-30x56i, PRB



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Equipped with 6x zoom, a magnification range of 5x to 30x, and three different reticles in the first focal plane – specially designed for – the PRS 5-30x56 i is the long-range specialist among Leica. Thanks to its high magnification range and extremely large elevation range (height adjustment on the reticle), you can meet any challenge and react quickly and accurately, particularly when shooting over varying long distances.

Package includes Sunshade, tools, Throw Lever, cleaning tissue, battery

6x zoom
Very flexible and universal range of application. Ideal for close and very far away. Most competitors only have 5x zoom.

30x magnification
High magnification allows shots on high magnification range. Most competitors only have 25-28x magnification.

Zeroing of the turrets without tool
Necessary adjustments can be done in each situation without extra tools. With the lift lever it is very easy and comfortable to handle.

32 MRAD of elevation travel
With approx. 320 clicks of 0.1 MRAD the turret gives enough travel formost calibersand the relevant distances. >100 MOA

Zero stop
Can be activated or deactivated. The setting can be done individually, so you can turn back to zero if you want to. On-board tool to set zero stop.

Throw lever and sunshade
Within the scope of delivery.
Both can be installed or removed.
It guarantees a comfortable use of the scope in challenging situations.