Pulsar PB8I Power Bank

Pulsar PB8I Power Bank



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Manufacturer: Pulsar
Material: ABS
Includes: Micro USB Cable
Length: 3.23"
Width: 1.3"
Height: 2.48"
Voltage Rating: 5 V
Battery: Lithium-Ion Cell Pack
Battery Capacity: 5100 mAh


Forget the countless trips to the store purchase batteries, the pulsar PB8I power bank is a 5100 mAh capacity USB rechargeable external battery pack that helps digital and thermal devices that lasts up to 20 hr on a single charge during extended period of usage. Ideal for the nighttime who doesn't want to change batteries during strands or while in field, the PB8I features a built-in charge level indicator and more than doubles the operational time of external equipment.  mountable, this unit is waterproof and shockproof, allowing it to be mounted directly to or other device with a picatanny rail. This power bank will increase battery life without greatly increasing the overall weight of the firearm.