Pulsar Lexion XQ50 4.1-16.4x42 Thermal Monocular

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Previously only available on the professional market, the Pulsar Lexion delivers law enforcement-grade thermal imaging in a hand held package. Equipped with an extremely sensitive NETD <40 mK thermal sensor, the Pulsar Lexion is capable of detecting the most miniscule differences in temperature even in poor weather conditions like rain or fog. The changes in temperature can be displayed on 8 different color pallets: white hot, black hot, red monochrome, sepia, red hot, rainbow, ultramarine, and violet. White hot displays heat signatures as white over a predominantly dark backdrop while black hot displays heat signatures as black over a predominantly white backdrop. Red monochrome is good for reducing the bright backlight from exiting the eyepiece and improves image quality. Sepia is well suited for long range observation by applying a warm golden hue to heat signatures, this helps reduce eye strain and enables longer viewing sessions. Red hot, rainbow and ultramarine greatly improve temperature differences of various object attributes, and violet is good for quickly identifying objects. All 8 of these color pallets can be greatly enhanced with the use of Pulsar’s Image Boost Technology. This proprietary feature comes standard on the Lexion and provides a sharper, highly detailed field of view and enhances object identification.

The Pulsar Lexion also comes with a built in, stadiametric rangefinder. This feature allows for accurate distance measuring to observed objects with a known height of 0.3 meters, 0.7 meters, and 1.7 meters. Another secondary feature of the Lexion is an integrated video recorder, which allows for video and image capturing at the time of observation with internal memory that can be transferred to a computer with a wire or WiFi connection.

In addition to the advanced thermal imaging/rangefinding capabilities, the Pulsar Lexion is remarkably durable. As it was intended for heavy professional usage, the Lexion was designed with reinforced, shockproof housing. The Pulsar Lexion also comes with a IPX7 waterproof rating, so heavy rain or snowfall won’t affect usage.

Features of the Pulsar Lexion:

  • 8 color pallets
  • Stadiametric rangefinder
  • Built in video recorder
  • Live internet streaming
  • Fell color AMOLED technology display
  • Pulsars image boost technology
  • NETD <40 mK thermal sensor
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof