Pulsar Talion XQ38 Thermal Scope w/ Locking QD Mount



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Talion's housing is made of magnesium alloy to ensure great structural strength and retain light weight.  Robust and lightweight metal housing serves also as a heat sink taking away the warmth generated by inner electronics and thus making thermal imaging device more sensitive.

All controls in Talion scopes are placed on the top panel of the eyepiece to simplify access and make it convenient for right and left-handed users.

Selection of the signal amplification level combined with new filtration algorithms with fine brightness and contrast adjustments offers hunter great opportunities for long-ranged detection of the game in diverse weather and temperature conditions.  Amplification setting helps to define animal's trophy features and ensures clear rendering of objects and background in the field of view



  • Multi-point prism mount for exact positioning
  • Rapid extraction battery mechanism
  • 9 hours of work on a single charge
  • All control elements in direct access
  • Focus adjustment with tactile marker set for nighttime
  • Lightweight and rugged magnesium alloy housing
  • 3 sensitivity amplification levels
  • Pro-grade sensor with thermal sensitivity <40mk
  • Photo and video recording
  • Wi-Fi integration with iOS and Android
  • Waterproof IPX7 housing
  • High caliber recoil resistance: 12 gauge, 9x3x64, .375H&H
  • 5 profiles / 5 zeroing distances
  • A selection of 10 reticle shapes and 9 color modes
  • Precision aiming in the "Picture-in-Picture" mode



Model # (SKU)
Type of Microbolometer Uncooled Microbolometer
Frame Rate

50 Hz

Sensor Resolution

384x288 pixels

Sensor NETD

<40 mK

Pixel Pitch

17 µm

Display Type



1024x768 pixels

Build-in memory

16 GB



Digital Zoom


Lens Focus


Eye relief


Diopter adjustment

-3/+4 dptr.

Detection range


Battery type

B-Pack Pulsar APS5 (Li-Ion)

Battery Life

9 hours

External power suppy

USB type-C 5V

Operating Temperature


Level of protection


Shock resistance

6000 J