Ten Point Stealth 450 Oracle, ACUslide, Burris Oracle Scope

Ten Point Stealth 450 Oracle, ACUslide, Burris Oracle Scope


Ten Point

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A crossbow built for mobility, speed, and accuracy, the TenPoint® Stealth 450 Oracle X Crossbow Package with ACUslide gives hunters its fastest forward draw design ever offered with advanced rangefinding scope technology. Just 6.5" from axle-to-axle when cocked, this easy-handling crossbow rockets arrows at game up to 450 fps with a hard hitting 180 ft. lbs. of energy on impact. This performance package pairs the Stealth 450 with an autoranging 2.5-7x Burris Oracle X Rangefinding Scope for advanced downrange precision, giving crossbow hunters long-range accuracy like no other forward draw design. Featuring TenPoint's 2-stage S1 trigger, this crossbow offers a zero-creep, advanced roller-sear system that produces a consistent, crisp, 3-1/2 lb. pull with DFI™ (Dry-Fire-Inhibitor) protection. The Stealth 450's Micro-Trac barrel reduces string-to-rail contact by 50%, increasing accuracy even more and enhancing string life. The integrated ACUslide cocking system reduces cocking effort to just 5 lbs. and allows you to safely cock or de-cock the crossbow with its advanced Auto-Brake Gear System. This crossbow also features new Scope Struts and a longer dovetail that increases the scope mount strength by 80-percent to provide a rock-solid foundation for the included Oracle X Scope. This advanced scope eatures a built-in laser rangefinder to accurately range deer and other game up to 200 yards away with the press of a button. It then projects a precise, angle-compensated, illuminated aim point for the shot that remains accurate through the scope's entire magnification range. Draw Weight: 300 lbs. Overall Length: 33". Power Stroke: 13". Weight: 7.5 lbs. Made in USA.

  • Easy-handling performance crossbow with advanced rangefinding scope and more
  • Burris Oracle X Rangefinding Scope
  • Only 6.5" from axle-to-axle when cocked
  • Up to 450 fps with a hard hitting 180 ft. lbs. of energy
  • TenPoint's fastest forward draw design
  • 2-stage S1 trigger
  • Micro-Trac barrel
  • ACUslide cocking/decocking system
  • Reinforced scope mount